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Welcome to Academy

The Academy for Training & Development Ltd specialises in delivering work based training to people of all ages and backgrounds in the hospitality and catering industry across the Southwest.

Our head office is based in Exeter and serves as a training / resource centre which is available to both learners and assessors. We also have satellite centres across the Southwest in Torquay, Barnstable, Plymouth and Sidmouth. We are part of SWATPro (South West Association of Training Providers) – a consortium of training providers in the South West of England.

We understand that the hospitality industry can be demanding, therefore the training we provide is organised and flexible to meet with the requirements of both the employer and employee including evenings and weekend appointments.

In order to meet these demands Academy employs a number of training consultants, who have been recruited from within the hospitality and catering industry and have up to date knowledge and expertise.

All our training consultants have responsibilities for assessment, mentoring, coaching and the support of the learner in the work place to ensure that they can relate to employers and learners and best meet their needs and expectations.  

We offer a range of accredited qualifications and course such as Apprenticeships, Diplomas (formerly known as NVQs), Short Courses such as Silver Service and we can also deliver bespoke courses, which can be tailored to your requirements.

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s main initiative for investing in jobs and skills. The 2007-2013 ESF programme will invest £4 billion in England and Gibraltar of which £2 billion is EU money from the ESF. The ESF will fund additional employment and training projects to add value to national and regional strategies.

All partner organisations involved in the ESF programme have a role to play in publicising ESF and the financial contribution of the EU. The agencies which manage and distribute ESF money are responsible for providing information on ESF to the general public and potential providers. Project providers must ensure that all their participants know that they are benefiting from ESF, and must also publicise their activities and achievements to the wider community.


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