An Alternative to College With Training in the Workplace

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Facts About Apprenticeships

1. What are Apprenticeships?

An apprenticeship is a nationally recognised training programme combining real work with learning and training, both on and off the job. An apprentice will be employed and can be paid a special training wage, which is slightly under the minimum wage.

Apprenticeships are normally delivered by a training provider. Their delivery can be flexible including; day release, on the job, online training assessment etc. The type of delivery will depend on the circumstances of the employer and apprentice and is usually agreed by the employer and learning provider up front. The delivery will influence how long it takes to complete an apprenticeship.

2. Who Are They For?

You can use apprenticeship to train both new and existing employees.

3. What does an apprenticeship consist of?

An apprenticeship isn’t a qualification in its own right, but rather a collection of different qualifications that allows an apprentice to develop well rounded knowledge and skills. Apprentices complete a framework of qualifications such as a Competence Qualification (Diploma), Functional Skills (Maths and English) and a relevant knowledge based qualification (Tech Cert).

4. Can Academy assist me to recruit an apprentice?

Yes, Academy will undertake a complete analysis of your  requirements and then places a job advert on the National Apprenticeship website, local Careers Southwest offices and its own website.

5. Is there any financial assistance for training?

Apprenticeship funding of £1500 for your first apprentice is available from the National Apprenticeship Service. The size of the contribution varies depending on the age of the potential learner and what/if they have any previous qualifications.

6. What are the costs of employing and training an apprenticeship?

The only costs are that of paying the apprentice special training wage, which is slightly under the minimum wage and that of time. Your time in training them on the practical aspect of their job and the learners time – allowing them to meet their assessor / training consultant at the agreed times and to complete any work / task set.

7. How long is the qualification?

The length of an apprenticeship can vary depending on prior skill levels and learner attendance at visits as well as the qualification being achieved. An intermediate level usually takes 9 – 15 months and an advanced apprenticeship 18 – 24 months.

Please be aware that it is apprenticeship week from the 9th-13th March 2015. Visit the apprenticeship website to see what activities will be running in the area and how you can get involved!