An Alternative to College With Training in the Workplace

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Funding is Available?
Academy is approved as a registered organisation authorised to deliver government funded work based training. The funding covers the cost of the training and assessment process delivered by Academy. The current funding schemes under which Academy can deliver are; Apprenticeships, Adult Skills Budget and Traineeships.

How much funding is available?
The amount of funding (100% / 50%) depends on the individuals age and the qualification they would like to undertake. Academy can assist both the employer and learner to access the maximum funding available and complete all the relevant paperwork.

£1500 Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE)?
The AGE grant is available until December 2017 and an employer receives £1500 per every new employee taken on as an apprentice. The employer is eligible for the grant once the apprentice has completed 14 weeks of employment and payment is then transferred after week 22.

Who Trains my Employees?
The Employer is the primary trainer and Academy is the secondary trainer. The employer will generally provide the practical skills to cover the competence elements of the qualification. Academy assist to fill in any gaps / or cover units the employer is unable o and teach the theory / knowledge element and additional components of the apprenticeship framework.

What is the Role of Academy?
Academy are there to support, compliment and fill in any gaps to the practical training experience provided by the employer. They provide the knowledge and develop skills and are tasked by the government to manage the training process and to ensure that the national quality standards and good practises are met by evaluating and assessing the training and undertaking the testing aspect of the apprenticeship.

Where is the Training Undertaken?
Training is mainly delivered on the employers premises. But there may be times where the learner is asked to attend Academy offices or a mutual venue to undertake theoretical aspects of the training programme or testing.

When will Visits take Place?
Academy always endeavours to make appointments at times that suit your business. Visits usually arranged at quiet times, before shifts start or at the end of shift however, there may be times when we arrange a visit during peak business hours. This is because it’s a prime time to collect evidence. We may also arrange visits on a learners day off, if they are slow in progress.

How Often do Academy Visit and How Long are Visits?
Academy aims to see all learners every 4 -6 weeks and usually last for 2 – 3 hours but may vary depending on the tasks undertaken.

When Can Training Start?
Unlike colleges, Academy recruit all year round, as soon as a learner has met the eligibility criteria for funding and completed the relevant paper work (application, funding documents and assessments) training commences. We do however, advise a prospective learner completes their probationary period with you before they start a training programme.

How Long does the Training Take?
Training someone who is 16 – 19 years of age takes a minimum of 12 months if they are on the apprenticeship scheme and sometimes longer depending on the qualification. Older learners vary between 6 – 12 months, again depending on their qualification.

How am I kept Informed of Employees Progress?
At the end of each visit the Trainer will feedback the day’s activity and the progress made by the learner. You are also given a copy of the appointments review and every quarter Academy send employers progress reports.